Why I Write

Over the years I have been known to say things worth remembering, but I usually didn’t take the time to write them down and now I have forgotten most of them.  At times I have instructed my children to write down my pithy ponderings, but they too neglected picking up a pencil.

In the effort of recording my random thoughts and observations, I have created this blog.  Some thoughts and observations may be seem odd, others might be witty, and many might contain wisdom, but by the random nature of random thoughts, they will be posted randomly.

So if you like what you read, be sure to follow me here, at my Pithy Ponderings Facebook page, on my YouTube channel Pioneerlady at Pithyponderings, and on Instagram at pionneerlady_at_pithyponderings .


Who I Am

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I am a wife and a mother and a woman. I do not define myself by my family, but rather allow them to help me refine my definition.

As a wife,  I sacrifice for my country as I support my husband and his fellow servicemen and women in their efforts to protect the freedoms I enjoy.

As a mother, I am endlessly learning new things so that I may be better equipped to teach my children the skills and lessons they will need when I am no longer by their sides.

As a woman, I believe that I will be defined by what I do and what I say.  However, I define myself by what I learn and what I believe. These definitions will sometimes match, but often times differ as my actions and words are misinterpreted by those too quick to judge.

I like who I am and who I am growing to be.  I live a rather isolated life physically, but through technology, isolation can be eliminated. My social anxiety diminishes when the words I speak can be edited before I speak them.  The limitations of a weary body do not impede me as I expand my world from my computer.  Some may say that the internet does not represent the real world, I say that the internet is a link to our past, our present, and can help us forge our future.

Hobbies and Interests Today

Spinning Yarn                                       Knitting

Hand quilting                                       Crochet

Teaching                                                Writing

History                                                  International Relations

Hobbies and Interests of My Past

Running  Marathons                               Skiing

Horseback Riding

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