I suffer from fibromyalgia and sometimes blogging about it helps me feel a bit better. More often than not, I blog about overcoming the trials, pains, and frustration. I feel fortunate, I do not suffer alone but have the wonderful, never ceasing support of my husband and two children. Not all who suffer have such a strong support crew to help them navigate their days. My heart aches for their suffering, because theirs goes beyond the physical.

I believe that knowledge key to success, peace, and happiness. While fibromyalgia is still a mystery to the medical community and sadly there is no magic pill to make it go away (regardless of the pharmaceuticals desire to make money off our suffering), fibromyalgia sufferers can teach their family, friends, and acquaintances a great deal about the illness. Additionally, fibromyalgia sufferers can teach about courage because like with many who live with the complications of daily pain and ill health, it takes courage – so much courage – to greet the day.

Like the snow flakes that have no twin, no two fibromyalgia sufferers will manifest the symptoms in exactly the same way. So please take the time to ASK not assume, and maybe you will have both the blessing of being part of the support network and the blessing of seeing beyond the pain.


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