Saith The Husband… Two Bears

Saith the dad…   If two male bears live in the same cave, it might be time for one to find a new cave.


Saith the mom…    It seems it is time for a cub to move out – or at least vacate the kitchen.


Saith the cubs…   *Laughter*



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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve anticipation never seems to diminish even when I know what is under the tree. In fact, waiting to see the joy of others is much harder to wait for than seeing what surprises wait for me.

I just love Christmas, but I am the most impatient kid in the house when it comes to waiting. Forty plus years of practice has not made me more patient, and I suspect forty more will make little difference. Christmas Eve

Saith the Husband… Running

Today my husband ran 6 miles for the first time.  As he has reminded me, it has taken 19 years for me to convince him to attack such a feat.

His comment at the completion of the run was, “After covering 6 miles, I have determined Nike, Suacony, Asics and Brooks are all fine, but Honda is still better.”