Saith Me… Artisan’s Wisdom

Developing a good relationship with your tools is so very key to success. An understanding of the nuances of your tools brings accuracy, contrary to what the salesperson at the shop might try to tell you. This understanding, this relationship you might say, only comes through practice.

Education and National Defense

I have been pondering the connection between national defense and support for education. In a war between ideological enemies, support for education seems to have been very important. Yet education seems to be losing public support even though past wars have shown that an educated populace makes for a stronger society and better military force.

The following are two Pithyhistory posts that resulted from my ponderings.

Home Production and National Defense

American Way of Life and Education during the Cold War

Origins of a Second Blog

About: Origins of a Second Blog.


There are times when a random thought, particularly one pertaining to history, leads to research and then to an essay. Certainly, these longer ponderings require a forum of their own. Thus, today joins its sibling,, in the blogging world.



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Outward Expression of Who You Are

I teach a simple statement to both my son and my daughter, “Your clothing is an outward expression of who you are.” This statement hinges on a very important factor – knowing who you are.

I recently taught my son’s youth class about how in everything we do, we are communicating something. Knowing what we communicate and how we communicate it is very important. I made the simple demonstration of putting on and taking off an oversized, black cardigan. The class was amazed at the transformation one garment could make in my appearance. I then proceeded to have the tallest, coolest boy in the class stand next to me. I asked him to read a passage and then I read the same passage. Then I asked the class what were differences about the two of us. This time the class was intrigued. Youth vs. age, male vs. female, pitch of voice, and the list went on; each of these things can affect the way people see and hear us.

How we dress, how we move, how we interact – great tools of communicating who we are and what we believe – BUT first we must learn to know ourselves. This is what I wish more parents and leaders would focus on rather than simply listing what today is considered modest or popular. Teach the endless possibility of Dos rather than always the specific Don’ts. Certainly providing boundaries and guidance is important, but more important is providing guidance on how to become the wonderful individual that each of us is. This guidance must include teaching our youth how to dress in a way that is an outward expression of who they are because then we are helping them develop of the courage they will need to be that person in the world.

In my experience, it takes much more effort to provide a creative, personal wardrobe than it does to provide either a modest or popular wardrobe. It does not necessarily take more money, but it certainly takes more time and sometimes more skill. It also takes a really strong parent/child relationship because it must be a team effort or it will not work. I have had a wonderful time working with both my children and will miss this part of parenting and homeschooling. In reflection, I believe I have learned as much as my children have, and that is truly a great blessing.

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Saith Me… Express and Share

I love this blog post…

I was considering Grad School…and then I saw this. HILARIOUS!  (POSTED ON DECEMBER 13, 2011 BY 


… especially since I should be graduating in May with my Master’s. After 20 years away from school, it is such a lift to realize the craziness is due to the goal and not the age. I learned a very long time ago that you have to laugh at weaknesses and stress, and this post (and comments) indicates that other women pursuing higher education ‘get it’. We do have weaknesses and we do have stress, but not because we are women, but because we are human. The fact that we can complain and laugh – in essence express and share our feelings is what makes us strong and resilient so that we can overcome our weaknesses and stress. I find it funny that the very people who criticize this parody are the very ones comparing women to men and finding women lacking. Why should women change to be like men? We should not, but rather we should embrace all that makes us women – including what some call ‘warts’. Our ability to laugh at ourselves is not what will hold us back, but will propel us to success.








Saith Me… Success

Success is not measured by the things we accumulate. It is measured by the love we share and by our individual growth. It is also measured by how much we are loved by others.