Outsourcing Security: Does it really make us secure?

While many US citizens debate the issue of security versus privacy, they neglect to seek answers to the most important question? Is the US bureaucratic and military muscle doing the work of securing the nation or has it been outsourced to those whose loyalties lie in the $$$$ rather than the flag?


The following are some of the current discussions on the issue of outsourcing security and defense:

The outsourcing of U.S. intelligence raises risks among the benefits

How Spy Agency Contractors Have Already Abused Their Power

US Lawmakers Give Defense Contractors Reason to Sweat After PRISM Leak

U.S. Relies on Spies for Hire to Sift Deluge of Intelligence

What You Should Know About The Intelligence Community’s Contractors

Intelligence contractors on the rise since 9/11

News Articles from Clearancejobs.com 

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