Exercise Caution at Your Own Risk

“Caution, Watch Your Step,” stated the sign posted on large heap of icy snow which had to be crossed before one could reach the somewhat clear sidewalk. Caution signs were seriously needed for all those shoppers who might not have realized how the massive snow storm and subsequent snow plows had left filthy piles of snow as far as the eye could see.

The snow heaps, which had the potential to melt and freeze repeatedly during a week of sunny skies yet frozen temperatures, were uneven and slippery. These heaps of snow necessitated the four caution signs located in a twelve foot section of curb. They were vital to human safety.

However the real danger was that while watching your feet so you would not slip on the ice, you might just walk into one of the four signs, two lamp posts, two trees and one park bench that stood between you and the deli you wanted to enter a mere twenty feet away.

Moral: Caution is great but if you are always looking at your feet you might miss the beauty of the world around you or may even miss the lurking danger.

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