Welcome to Pithy Ponderings

Over the years I have been known to say things worth remembering, but I usually didn’t take the time to write them down and now I have forgotten them.  At times I have instructed my children to write down my words of wisdom, but they too neglected picking up a pencil.

In the effort of recording my random thoughts and observations, I have started this blog.  Some thoughts and observations may be seem odd, others might be witty and many might contain wisdom, but by the random nature of random thoughts, they will be posted randomly.

So if you like what you read, be sure to follow me on WordPress, by email or at my PioneerLady Facebook page, as I will post a link to that page each time I post to this blog.

As a note please feel free to write comments if you would like, but know ahead of time that I will delete anything negative because this is my world of pithy ponderings and I want to keep it positive.

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