Political Spew – Who cleans it Up?

It is a sad state of affairs that in a time when there is so much information available so few politicians take the time to seek a balanced understanding of the issues they choose to use as sound bites, before they spew them.  In the past when news took days to travel the nation, a politician could arguably spew crap and not have a wide spread stink fest.  There was time to retract, dispute and rebut before the masses became aware of the crap and absorbed it as truth.

In a time when it takes minutes, if not seconds for news to travel, it is important for politicians to do more homework, have their staff do more homework, and be more informed before they speak.  In a good debate you always know your opposition’s standpoint.  You never go in with only half the argument.  If you really want to win, you really have to be prepared.

When a politician spews crap, who is responsible to clean up the crap?  When the sound bites and election is over, who will instruct the masses that the political rhetoric is just that – rhetoric and not reality?

In the good old days of politics, the candidates bashed each other, spewed misinformation, spun webs of confusion, and appeared to really dislike each other.  In some cases they may truly have been adversaries, but in most cases once the campaigning was finished, they returned to respectful associates, if not friends.

This was how politics worked.  Once the newspaper was thrown into the trash, and the world moved on, the masses went back to worrying about their own worlds and forgot most of the spew of the election.  This is not the case now.  When a candidate spews crap, it sticks around.  Others add to it, littering the internet and cable channels with more crap.  The piles become so large that they remain long after the election is over.

Over time and with more experience, the candidates become better educated on specific issues and often change to a more moderate stand, thereby becoming flip-floppers.  It is then up to them to clean up, not just their previous spew, but all the crap heaped on top of it. Sadly the more they work to clean up the mess, the more they are painted as wishy-washy.  So they often just let the crap stand, leaving us all to wither in the stink.

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