Relief and Sorrow

A brief glance at the morning news feed indicated another tragedy but no details, so work resumed and ignorance was bliss.  A return to Facebook a few hours later revealed the missing details of a terrible tragedy.  My first desperate thought was of a friend who lived in Connecticut, a friend with small children. With breath caught in my chest, I quickly checked her profile, bursting into relief filled tears as I read her post declaring the safety of her family. She declared their safety with the simple statement, “I want to go pick up my children from school and hug them right now.”

As I was consumed with great relief another emotion tore at me – sorrow.  Sorrow for the families who could not hug their children, not today or ever again in this lifetime.  I felt so wretched with these conflicting emotions and sought comfort through hugging my own children. Truthfully, I think they hugged me for they are young and strong and I was so weak from shock and sorrow.

It does not take much for fatigue to overwhelm me.  Sorrow certainly brings on fatigue.  As I sought the solace of a nap, I prayed that upon awaking I would feel a measure of peace return.  This picture greeted me as I returned to the world and left the protection of slumbers solitude behind. While I ache deeply for the parents who cannot hug their children, I feel peace knowing the children, young or old, are in His embrace.Hug

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