Saith Me… Artisan’s Wisdom

Developing a good relationship with your tools is so very key to success. An understanding of the nuances of your tools brings accuracy, contrary to what the salesperson at the shop might try to tell you. This understanding, this relationship you might say, only comes through practice.

Saith Me.. Informed Citizenship

It requires more than just voting in order to practice informed citizenship. You cannot only tune-in every 2-4 years and hope that you’ll have more than a narrow understanding of the issues.

The world is complex and deferring your civic responsibility to others isn’t going to make you satisfied with the actions of the government.

You might not be a bad citizen if this is what you choose to do, but you won’t be an informed citizen.


To Listen or To Try – That is Today’s Question

While language is a vital key to civilization, I wonder if it doesn’t get in the way of creativity. Have we become so reliant on how someone describes a process that we hesitate to experiment, to create, to try?  Are we too busy repeating and regurgitating that we have stopped exploring and in the end stopped learning?