Back to School

A new year and four new classes on military and diplomatic history. As a new way to ensure mobility rather than atrophy due to the endless hours at the computer, my kids and I plop down in front of the TV and watch history documentaries and lectures.  So how you might ask does that help avoid the atrophy?  Well by spinning yarn of course!

Last semester I survived four classes but my spinning suffered. This semester I intend to find a better balance. So far it is working quite well, but the challenge will come as the four term papers come due.

I am currently spinning singles for my daughter to use in weaving projects.


A good day to dye… fiber

Dying with ammonia is not nearly as pleasant as dying with vinegar, but cotton and bamboo are not as dye friendly as wool.  Spilling a vinegar dye on my arm isn’t such a great concern.  It will wash off if I get to it fast enough.  It seems the blue ammonia based dye I mixed up to dye a shirt for my husband, simply won’t scrub off, no matter how quick my response is.

Oh and the smell….