College Bound Again

It is official – on Aug 6, after 20 yrs of waiting, I will begin my Master’s Degree! While so much has changed since my graduation and with life throwing some wicked curve balls my way, I am still on the timetable I set all those years ago.  I put the idea of family before self and I am being abundantly blessed for my decision.

2 thoughts on “College Bound Again

  1. So awesome! I’m sure your children are so proud. What a wonderful example you are setting.

  2. pioneerlady says:

    Thank you for the positive encouragement. My kids are very happy and excited for me. My husband, who is nearly finished with his BA in Military History, is also very pleased to see me begin my next phase of learning.

    It is going to make for a new dynamic in the home to have everyone deep in academics this year. Of course, my nose is always in textbooks as I plan the kids’ curriculum, but writing a research paper is a bit different from writing a syllabus. 🙂

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