Meet the Mooch

I have just found out that I am a mooch on the American Dream.

Worse yet, I am a mooch many times over: a military wife living off of a government pay check and receiving government healthcare, a stay-at-home mom not paying taxes, and a recipient of government assisted education. (But at least I don’t mooch off of the public school system with my kids, right?)

And here, I thought that by supporting my husband, and raising my kids to be productive members of society, I was part of the American Dream. But maybe I was just a dreaming.

Maybe I was wrong all along in not realizing the only American Dream that matters is how large your bank account is when you die?

Or maybe the other guys have it all wrong…

2 thoughts on “Meet the Mooch

  1. Marie says:

    Wait, Military service, and benefits are NOT part of “mooching” neither is being a stay at home mom. I haven’t seen the Ads that sparked this post, but I wouldn’t call that mooching.

  2. pioneerlady says:

    Well, that is what I thought too, but I guess not according to some. Sadly this is not “TV Ad” rhetoric but secret recordings to which I have linked. Context or not, if you can’t say it to “all” the public, you probably shouldn’t say it to “some.”

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