It isn’t a joking matter…

Presidents’ kids have a rough go of it, young or old, but the campaign family of the past was seen more than they were heard. If they could not advance the campaign, they stayed out of the campaign.

Tagg Romney’s comments go beyond “just being a son” and certainly beyond a “jest,” they play into the anger and frustration of a nation looking for someone to blame, to retaliate against for the suffering they feel. When we feel woe and strife, we tend to either hide or strike out. When the woe does not have a face attached, we look for a face to attach to it. This is the basic nature of the animal of man, to flee/hide or strike/attack. This campaign season highlights the very reality that man has not overcome his base instincts.

This is the nature of what Tagg Romney is expressing (even in jest), and the human nature he is pandering to in his comments. He has a right to “feel” and he has a right to “speak” but when he is part of the campaign, his feelings, if expressed, and his spoken words are part of the campaign. Bear in mind, Tagg Romney was born in 1970 and is old enough to run for president himself, so he is certainly accountable for the words he speaks, even under the pretense of a jest.

More importantly, Tagg Romney is part of his father’s circle and therefore his words are relevant to the campaign. A public representative, will be held accountable for their actions, and to some extent the actions of those in their circle.  After all the campaigning in which Mitt Romney has participated, he and his family should be aware that this is the reality.

I am disturbed that the Romney Clan has yet to understand this basic principle of campaign policy/strategy – what is spoken, joke, misspeak or open-mic, does matter to the public.  We see it as a peek inside the “real” person, whether it is or not.

The president, upon taking the oath of office, will no longer be the common man*, but will be held to a higher standard than the people he serves. The president does not need to be perfect, but he does need to understand the scrutiny will not ease up and the standards will always be high. If he, and his family, cannot handle this pressure in the campaign, they will implode when he is in the White House.  And that would not be a joking matter.

* or common woman

Tagg Romney’s apology

4 thoughts on “It isn’t a joking matter…

  1. coconutspeak says:

    Well stated. Thank you for this post. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a poem I wrote about hate. Should I keep it up or trash it? I am afraid I may have gone too far on the content.

    • pioneerlady says:

      I think that there can be a place for the poem you have written, but I think that it is extreme. I like that you have clarified at the top of your post that it is in essence “shock art” but I will pose a question. If this were reprinted in a way that did not have the disclaimer, would how would you feel? This is what I admonish my kids to consider before ‘publishing’ comments, thoughts or art. All that we write electronically, and sadly much of what we say, can become “public” very easily. There are many ways to make a point, but be sure the past, present and future YOU will be happy with the record of your journey through life. I believe that we should not live life with regrets and that our past can be learned from, but we should regulate our own speech. Freedom of Speech is protected, not when the government is forced to regulate, but when man chooses to self-regulate. Sadly, if man will not self-regulate than the government might have to step in. (oooh a pithy in the making)

      I hope my reply has helped you some. It is a hard time in which we live, but remember if you have the gift to change the world through words, you should want to reach the largest audience possible, and not alienate allies in the process. I seek to get people thinking, and I think that is what you might be seeking as well. So if this poem was what ended up defining you to your readers, would you be okay with that? If you are okay, leave it up, if not…

  2. coconutspeak says:

    I hear what you’re saying. Thank you very much. I think I will take it down.

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