Who is to blame for the sad state of affairs…

So Tagg Romney says he would like to punch the President for calling his dad a liar. The online comments then flow as to who would deliver the knock out punch to Tagg before the Secret Service reached him – The President or the First Lady.

But the real question is why it is okay for Tagg to be upset that the President called his dad a liar when his dad keeps calling the President a liar?

This President has been called a liar since before he took office, his very citizenship disbelieved.

Politics is all about spin, always has been, but have we crossed a line? Why has it become so abhorrent? Not the spin, but the mud-slinging.

At the end of the day, We The People had better take a long hard look at ourselves, because as much as we like to blame our politicians for the state in which we find ourselves, we cannot lay the blame for all the accusations and hatred at their feet.  The mud-slinging and the name calling and the horrid bigotry does not start with them, for they are just representatives of the people.

When we lose all respect for the office they hold, and the office is not separate from the holder as much as we might want to argue the point, then We The People, and not those we elect, will be the destruction of our nation.

Follow-up: Morning After:  When I shared this to my Facebook Wall last night I commented, “It really isn’t a joking matter…” and just now, the morning after, I saw the following ABC headline “Tagg Romney Jests That he Wants to ‘Take a Swing’ at President.”

But it really isn’t a joking matter, now is it?

Tagg Romney’s apology

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