Revelation: Dad is good too.

My son is getting his wisdom teeth out today. Due to the icy roads, my car in the shop, and my husband’s car not being as comfortable to travel in as mine, I opted to stay home and let my husband handle this one. Oh, the misery of recognizing your kids have grown and that dad can finally replace mom at the bed-side.

Truthfully, it is decadent this feeling that I was able to put my health first for once. Why did it take me 17 years to recognize that my husband is so much more calm than I am with these things? And his bed-side manner is much more “motherly” than mine. Still, the kids prefer me so I had better go prepare for the return of my drugged-up, chipmunked faced boy.

Don’t get me wrong, this turning over control to the dad is not fun, but it does seem to be much less stressful than the anxiety inducing road conditions and dentist scenario. And since the son will soon leave home, this may very well be good for easing the separation anxiety as well.


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