The Joy of Writing Battles with the Need for Sleep

There is something quite nice about writing late at night when the house is quiet. There is such a temptation to write until dawn.

But while the family would understand my crazy desire, it is probably not prudent to risk altering my sleep schedule.

Since I have reached the halfway mark and am at a good transition point, I will be prudent and go to bed.

Oh, but how I miss the days when a few hours sleep would offset an all-nighter at the computer.

Polling Conundrum

People who only have cell phones do not usually get hit by pollsters. Pollsters therefore “overweight” the results for the 18-30 year old bracket to offset the numbers. So do more Democrats (Ds) or more Republicans (Rs) only have cell phones?

Of course I hang up on all pollsters which makes me wonder, do more Ds hangup than Rs or more Rs than Ds?

Now wouldn’t these questions make for good news coverage. But wait, how would the data be collected since people like me don’t play along with all the polling?

Saith Me… The Insanity of Illness

Possibly the worst thing about illness (besides the illness itself) is that while you lie in bed you feel as if you can take on the world. Then you stand up and reality sets in reminding you that you feel crappy. To add insult to injury, that is usually when your kids begin laughing at your patheticness and tell you to go back to bed.

A bit of math on writing…

A little math calculation indicates I am writing on average between 10 – 12 pages a week for school, some weeks a bit more.

Didn’t know I had it in me.

It will be interesting someday in the future, when my mind clears, to read what I have written and see what I said.

While I may be the author of the words, I am not at all sure what I have written or what it all means.

Luckily, the professors seem to like my writing so I guess I must be writing something interesting.