Saith Me… Liberal Arts Education

This morning one of my college alumnae Facebook groups asked how we have used our liberal arts educations.  This was my reply…

Well, I have worked for a few different states, in jobs I could never have imagined, when I was in school, occupying upon graduation, but it has been my sixteen year stint as a mom and my twelve years as a homeschool teacher in which my education has been most useful. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College taught me that there is intelligence and there is wisdom, and that it takes both to succeed. It certainly takes both to raise the next generation with any chance of survival. For it is clear they are smarter than we, but it rests on us to teach them wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Saith Me… Liberal Arts Education

  1. Jessie,
    Great reflection. I have only be a mom for 4 yrs and I already know that my boys will be smarter than me. But smarts without wisdom leaves much to be desired. I LOVE wisdom and to walk in it is my great desire. 🙂

  2. pioneerlady says:

    When your kids reach a certain age, it is inevitable that they will recognize they are smarter than you. That is when the difference between intelligence and wisdom really begins to be learned.

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