A Stellar Year

An odd realization occurred just recently, the realization that true friends not only support you when you struggle, but also when you succeed.  In times when recession and struggle seem more common than not, it is a great blessing to have friends who will celebrate your joy and success even when their lives are less bountiful.

2012 was a very stellar year for me and for my family.  It was filled with joy and excitement, something of a break compared recent years where struggle to overcome dominated the scene. As this year neared its end, I have reflected on the abundance of my blessings and the sheer joy of life, family, and friends. This reflection makes me glow inwardly and outwardly. It is impossible to contain.

It is a great gift to have friends who celebrate joy with me even while 2012 presented greater struggle for them, and sorrow or pain clouded their days. These friends show themselves to be true.  It is of them I will ponder as the clock strikes twelve, and for them I will cast my wish for blessings and abundance in the upcoming year.

Friends and Family, this year they have intertwined and become of the same in my heart. It has been a stellar year and my heart rejoices for the abundance of friendship and love which I have been blessed.

Happy New Year and may 2013 greet you with abundance of friendship!

2012 Stellar Year

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